Supporting stronger mental & behavioral health services for Rhode Island’s youth.

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Let It Out is a great big long-term program of classroom activities, ideas and tools to help teachers, school support staff, and families cope with the challenges our students face daily.

Our students, schools, and families have gone through so much over the last year. (On top of all our normal, everyday worries, right?)

So. Many. Feelings.

It's good to know that there are people around us who can help when needed.

Kind & friendly people who care

People we see every day. Librarians who are really good listeners. Math teachers who are totally easy to talk to. Principals who are actually pretty sweet. Kind, friendly people you already know. Here are just a few of the many, many people in our schools who are here for you.

Miss Jones

Knows tomorrow is a new day

Miss Munoz

Loves the lunch bunch

Miss Salvina

Calming & Caring

Mr. Francisco

Always supportive

Mr. P

Always smiling

So, as we like to say, if you’re having trouble living, laughing, loving or learning, say it, shout it, write it, sing it…

Educator's Toolkit

Here you’ll find all sorts of tools for using 
Let it Out in your school and classroom.

Together, we can bring the Project AWARE training and practice to life and encourage our students to apply the principles.

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Tools for educators

Tools for educators

Brand assets

Brand assets

About Project AWARE, RI

A 5-year program with an $1.8 million annual allocation provided by a grant from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

The goal of the funding is to build a bridge between the needs of schools, students, and families, and the resources that ensure healthy and successful schools, students, and families.

According to a study conducted in Rhode Island, students in grades 3–5 reported experiencing mental stress already


Fear school violence

Sometimes, frequently, or almost always


Report significant stress

Interfering with schoolwork quite a bit or tremendously


Feel sad or hopeless

Including a loss of interest in usual activities for 2+ weeks at a time

What does Project AWARE do?

Project AWARE helps the  Rhode Island Department of Education and their community partners reach nearly 40,000 students across three pilot districts with assistance from the RI Department for Children, Youth & Families (DCYF).  The goals of our program are to:

  • Increase awareness

    of mental health issues among school-aged youth

  • Provide training

    for adults to effectively respond to struggles with mental health

  • Connect youths & families

    and their families to services and supports for mental health

What has Project AWARE accomplished so far in years 1 & 2?